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Freedom Biker Church

Sunday Worship Rally: 10:33am

Wednesday Refuel: 7:04pm

Freedom Biker Church

Sunday Worship Rally: 10:33am

Wednesday Refuel: 7:04pm

Welcome to Freedom Biker Church! Take a look around our website learn more about us.

This is a common question: Why a biker church? It’s not that there aren’t incredible churches out there that accept bikers, heck – they may even have a few of us that attend. It’s not that some churches don’t want to reach bikers; there are just a lot of bikers that will not go to them. The very idea of “church” repels many bikers, maybe it’s something from our past that is brought to mind every time we hear the word “church” like being dragged there as a child. Or maybe we tried a main stream church and due to our appearance we got horrified looks or the cold shoulder. We have heard it many times, “So-and-so said they would never step foot in a church," but a church of bikers: that they would check out. The idea of being among peers appeals to all of us, a place of acceptance where we don’t have to put on a mask to be wanted in the place.


God has put out a call to the biker community through Freedom Biker Church, searching for His lost sheep. He has provided a place where we want to be, a community of love, respect and acceptance specifically made for us. It’s not our desire to introduce bikers to church, but to introduce them to Jesus. At Freedom Biker Church we respect and desire to reach bikers because God has put a passion in our hearts for our friends. There is nowhere else we’d rather be than right in the middle of our incredible biker family.


Because of our genuine passion for the open road, love for the Brotherhood, and desire to know God in a REAL & PERSONAL way we think that it really doesn’t get any better than this.  At least not until we get to Heaven!  NO DOUBT!! 


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Not sure what to expect? That okay! Click below to learn more about us, what you can expect at Freedom Biker Church.

On your scoot or in your cage, put it in gear and get here!

A brotherhood of bikers bound by a faith relationship with Jesus Christ


Freedom Biker Church

Sunday Worship Rally: 10:33am

Wednesday Refuel: 7:00pm